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joinDOTA League Season 11

The joinDOTA League Europe Season 11 concluded last week and our SILENTGAMING.DOTA team managed to sweep through their division with a clean 14-0. Time to have a look back at what happened this season.
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Welcome Back SILENT.OW

Guess who’s back in the streets of King’s Row? Today we’ve got spectacular news for you: We’re welcoming back our team SILENT.OW!
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SILENT.CS swaps rMo for flaze

With October coming to an end, there is something else ending - we’re saying goodbye to team captain Remo “rMo” Blaser. But don’t worry it’s only a goodbye from our CS:GO team SILENTGAMING.CS.
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We’re back to summoner’s rift!

About half a year ago we’ve left summoner’s rift, always knowing we will be back again and hell, it’s about time to be back! We proudly present our new League of Legends lineup!
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SILENT joins the Battlegrounds

Playerunknown’s Battleground, in short PUBG, has been growing since day one and now reaches a player base comparable to CS:GO or DotA 2 on Steam. Time to enter the Battleground with our brand new PUBG team!
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SwitzerLAN 2017 Recap

The biggest LAN party of Switzerland is over, nearly the whole #SILENTFamily met and played throughout the weekend. Fully focused on their tournaments, our soldiers played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, DotA2, Rocket League and Hearthstone. Since a lot has happened, we’ve prepared a little recap for you.
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SILENTGAMING.ROCKETS have given everything while playing under SILENTGAMING. Now it's sadly time to show them their last tribute. We're saying goodbye.
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SwitzerLAN Preview

From the 12. - 15. October 2017 SILENTGAMING will visit SwitzerLAN at Suisse Toy Digital in Bern. This year is gonna be huge!
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Zurich Game Show Giveaway

We’re excited to meet everyone at Zurich Game Show! If you don’t have tickets yet, we’ve got some for you! Win 1x 2 Tickets for Zurich Game Show from 20. - 22. October 2017!
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The #SILENTFamily: Simon “tyco0n” Schoch

It’s time for another The #SILENTFamily post! Today we’re introducing to you Simon “tyco0n” Schoch, our community member! Everyone at SILENTGAMING is an important part of the family, no matter if management, player, staff or community member!
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