Surprise, our Fortnite squad!

Maybe you noticed some while ago that we created another team this year. We are not pretty good with easter eggs like Epic Games, but we let results speak for itself. Proudly we present you, our last new team of the year 2018!
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SwitzerLAN 2018 recap

A long weekend of glimming screens and loud cheering ended with aspiring results! The biggest LAN in the DACH region had of course good competition prepared for the teams, so there would be exciting tournaments for everyone.
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SwitzerLAN 2018 Preview

SuisseToy might take a break, but SwitzerLAN won’t and SILENTGAMING is up to another LAN party, tournaments inclusive!
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SESL Spring Season 2018 Recap

The season is over, and before we go into our vacations to get some new energy, let’s talk about the achievements of our teams.
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Merchandise Shop Launch

We're happy to launch our very first merchandise shop after putting our whole heart into this project. Happy shopping!
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SilentStorm Leaving

The cards have been played and we're coming to an end of a trip with one of our Hearthstone players.
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