Jerinas Gresch

aka oschit

Longtime teammate and friend of Luciano «Kafka» Gschwend, Jerinas «oschit» Gresch was the natural choice for the fifth player of the team. Position 5 (Support) Signature Heroes: Rubick / Visage / Warlock

Career Milestones

#3 2017 - SAE Swiss Dota League (2nd Season)

Lars Vuillemin

aka Sh1tdistributor

Despite being a Dota 2 veteran this is Lars «Sh1tdistributor» Vuillemin’s first competitive appearance being the second newcomer of the team. Position 4 (Support) Signature Heroes: Pudge / Mirana / Riki

Luciano Gschwend

aka Kafka

Disappointed by a 6th place finish in the 1st season of the Swiss Dota League, Luciano «Kafka» Gschwend decided to join a more promising squad. Impressed by his individual performance, Michael «Vincent Vega» Solari asked him to join SILENTGAMING. Position 3 (Offlaner) Signature Heroes: Axe / Legion Commander / Abaddon Award History :

Career Milestones

#3 2017 - SAE Swiss Dota League (2nd Season)



Michael Solari

aka Vincent Vega

Former Offlaner for the successful mYi squad, Michael «Vincent Vega» Solari formed a strong new team to compete in the Swiss Dota 2 scene. With a few roster changes after the 2nd Season of the Swiss Dota League, he is confident that this squad can make it to the very top. Captain & Position 1 (Carry) Signature Heroes: Juggernaut / Troll Warlord / Phantom Assassin

Career Milestones

#1 2015 - Swiss Dota Championship

#1 2015 - Switzerlan

#1 2016 - Switzerlan

#1 2016 - SAE Swiss Dota League (1st Season)

#2 2016 - Polylan

#3 2017 - SAE Swiss Dota League (2nd Season)

Michael Dekumbis

aka Chuchichaestlii

The newcomer and youngest of the team is looking to make an impact in the Swiss Dota scene with his first ever competitive appearance. Position 2 (Midlaner) Signature Heroes: Invoker / Shadow Fiend / Outworld Devourer