League of Legends


Remo Bollhalder

aka Sakrod

Sakrod has been playing competitive LoL since the end of season one in 2011. Starting out as a support main he reached gold in his first season with only a handful of games. With the formation of team eShark in 2012 he started to main mid lane and was able to reach first place at multiple LANs during that time. Peaking at rank two as Challenger player in season three, he was dreaded for his Master Yi, Zilean and Kayle. After an extended break from League of Legends he's joining Plüsle, Tirizio, Kee and Fro10soul to return to his former glory.

Adrian Walser

aka Tirizio

Tirizio has been playing League of Legends since 2013. His first team was ERQ White together with Fro10soul where they built up good synergy and friendship. Later on he joined mYinsanity where he played alongside Plüsle. Tirizio then went on a break and only felt like coming back in a team of friends with Fro10soul, Plüsle and Kee. In addition to those three, we were lucky enough to motivate Sakrod to join us!

Patrick Plüss

aka Plüsle

Plüsle started off his competitive career as one of the last players to come up through the Binary Evasion Academy system, shortly before the organisation disbanded. His next stop was Enjoy Real Quality, where both of his new team mates Fro10soul and Tirizio played in their sister team: ERQ White. He then swapped back to top lane, his original role and played under the mYinsanity banner unofficially for about a year before officially playing for them, once the former main team disbanded. He got quite known for his Fiora during that time which leads to Swiss top player Koala creating a "Paddy is smurfing" meme whenever mYinsanity locked in Fiora. Now with a team consisting of old friends, Plüsle is looking to "smurf" once again, but this time in his new role as an ADC and team captain of SILENTGAMING.

Yanis Salzgeber

aka Fro10soul

Fro10Soul definitely isn't a greenhorn anymore. He started playing League in 2011 and first came into the Swiss LoL scene in mid 2014 as part of the original ERQ Roster. Teams quickly started to fear him for his Teamfighting abilities on Champions such as Gnar, Warwick and Malphite. Since the Switzerlan 2015 he hasn't been part of an active roster but often took turns subbing in for different ERQ teams like for Onyx in the successful Battlegrounds Final versus Arctic gaming. Now under the banner of SILENTGAMING he's looking to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies once again. One of his biggest motivations was being able to play alongside former team mates and friends Tirizio, Plüsle and Kee. Additionally throwing in legendary midlaner Sakrod led him to enough motivation for some serious League of Legends.

Kevin Ledermann

aka Kee

Kee came in like a wrecking ball without a warning, joining the strong arctic.revolution lineup. As a previously unknown diamond 1 jungler he quickly made a name for himself as a top tier player with above average shot calling abilities. He even managed to win the SwitzerLAN in 2016 which was his first LAN ever he attended. After that, multiple top 3 endings at various LANs like Polylan and EEvent followed. Kee hopes to recapture his former form and wreak havoc in the Swiss jungle once again. Accompanied by his old friends and new team mates.