Rocket League


Jens Hoffmann

aka Syntax

Playing Rocket League since 2015, Syntax was there from the start of the Swiss Competitive scene. He played in the Premier Division of the Swiss eSports League since Season 1 . As he is not only a player but also a caster and analyst, he brings alot of experience and knowledge into the Team. As Teampcaptain he will give his best to lead SILENT.RL to the top!



Marko Krcmar

aka makk08

makk08 is a very experienced competitive player, playing in the Premier Division since the start of the Swiss eSports League. With reaching the Finals of the Zurich Game Show with his former Roster on the "Whiffmasters" and various top 3 placements in different LAN and Online Tournaments on his record, he knows how compete against the best! He is part of the current roster since December of 2017 he takes the role of a strong Striker and a very physical player.



Luca Messina

aka ItalyYoungStar

The young and very talented keyboard/mouse player was added to the Roster as of Season 2 of the Swiss eSports League which was his first experience in competitive Rocket League. With very good mechanical play and confident striking, he fills an important role on the Team! On SILENT.RL he will prove that keyboard/mouse players shouldn't be underestimated!