Michael Dekumbis

aka Chuchichaestlii

The newcomer and youngest of the team is looking to make an impact in the Swiss Dota scene with his first ever competitive appearance. Position 2 (Midlaner) Signature Heroes: Invoker / Shadow Fiend / Outworld Devourer

Michael Solari

aka Vincent Vega

Former Offlaner for the successful mYi squad, Michael «Vincent Vega» Solari formed a strong new team to compete in the Swiss Dota 2 scene. With a few roster changes after the 2nd Season of the Swiss Dota League, he is confident that this squad can make it to the very top. Captain & Position 1 (Carry) Signature Heroes: Juggernaut / Troll Warlord / Phantom Assassin

Career Milestones

#1 2015 - Swiss Dota Championship

#1 2015 - Switzerlan

#1 2016 - Switzerlan

#1 2016 - SAE Swiss Dota League (1st Season)

#2 2016 - Polylan

#3 2017 - SAE Swiss Dota League (2nd Season)

Luciano Gschwend

aka Kafka

Disappointed by a 6th place finish in the 1st season of the Swiss Dota League, Luciano «Kafka» Gschwend decided to join a more promising squad. Impressed by his individual performance, Michael «Vincent Vega» Solari asked him to join SILENTGAMING. Position 3 (Offlaner) Signature Heroes: Axe / Legion Commander / Abaddon Award History :

Career Milestones

#3 2017 - SAE Swiss Dota League (2nd Season)



Lars Vuillemin

aka Sh1tdistributor

Despite being a Dota 2 veteran this is Lars «Sh1tdistributor» Vuillemin’s first competitive appearance being the second newcomer of the team. Position 4 (Support) Signature Heroes: Pudge / Mirana / Riki

Jerinas Gresch

aka oschit

Longtime teammate and friend of Luciano «Kafka» Gschwend, Jerinas «oschit» Gresch was the natural choice for the fifth player of the team. Position 5 (Support) Signature Heroes: Rubick / Visage / Warlock

Career Milestones

#3 2017 - SAE Swiss Dota League (2nd Season)